BONUS: Advanced Positions For Killer Orgasms!

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Advanced Positions For Killer Orgasms!

Marcus is so excited about people getting his Squirting Mastery program that he wants to do something CRAZY!

You see, he has put together another program on something he is very passionate about… and that is… SEX POSITIONS!

Marcus has been with more women than just about any one man should be legally allowed (LOL) and he’s picked up some very INTERESTING tricks along the way… things that 99% of the men in the WORLD will never know about how to give a woman orgasm after orgasm.

So… he teamed up with Tori Black, 2010 AVN Female Adult Star Of The Year, to record a very special DVD program…

It’s called “Advanced Positions For Killer Orgasms”!

The program is 2 full-length DVDs, and they were going to put it up for sale for $100.


Marcus is now so excited that you’re getting his Squirting Mastery program… he wants to give everyone who gets it a copy of Advanced Positions For Killer Orgasms FOR FREE!

==> Get the Squirting Orgasm Mastery Program TODAY <==

and Marcus will add in the Advanced Positions For Killer Orgasms FOR FREE!

Yes, you read that right. Every one of the guys who get one of the first 200 copies of Squirting Mastery are going to get Marcus’s 2-DVD long Advanced Positions For Killer Orgasms program on Marcus… just to say thanks

And let me tell ya… this program is INCREDIBLE!

Here are just a few secrets you’ll discover when you watch:

– A simple change to a “standard” position that practically GUARANTEES she climaxes

– The 4 favorite positions of Tori Black, 2010 AVN Adult Starlet of the Year!

– How many positions to use each session and how to know EXACTLY when to switch (She’ll instantly know you’re a sex expert when you do this)

– How to charge up your girl’s emotions (Here’s how to combine physical pleasure with emotional stimulation to get your girl sexually ADDICTED to you)

– Marcus’s #1 favorite position for giving a girl MULTIPLES

– How to “read” your girl’s body so you know exactly when to speed up, when to slow down, and then how to take her over the top for a FULL-BODY climax!

– The 3 positions women HATE (Sadly most men read about these in magazines and try them out… but the girls wish they wouldn’t!)

– The mysterious “Lotus” position, A magical position that will have her screaming your name and BEGGING you for more!

– A secret spot on her body unknown to 99% of men, and even most women that connects DIRECTLY to the main pleasure sensor in her brain (Touch this spot in this way to send waves of pleasure pulsating through her body!)

– And much, much more!

Both of these DVDs are yours FREE when get Marcus’s Squirting Mastery program!

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Hurry up and get yours NOW before they are gone! And before Marcus changes his mind! LOL

I’m off to go warn your girl about the WILD new sex life you’re about to give her :-)~

Just to summarize, you get the 3 DVD Squirting Orgasms Mastery program… PLUS the 2 DVD Advanced Positions For Killer Orgasms program added to your order at no additional cost!!

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